SKGD C A S E S T U D Y \ Border Regeneration in Allensmore

Work began yesterday on the border regeneration for Herefordshires family run Allensmore Nurseries.

The brief: to create an exciting, colourful autumnal entrance way border for all to enjoy showcasing the plants Allensmore grow and supply to garden centres nationwide.

Get in contact today to receive a client questionnaire and arrange your free home consultation to discuss your garden or border needs.

S K G D \ Bespoke Christmas Wreaths

A wreath is more than a ring of evergreen foliage for your front door! It is the first hearty, merry welcome to all who arrive at your home. Treat yourself and your festive guest to a specially designed christmas wreath this year!

For Christmas 2016, SKGD will be creating a collection of hand crafted door wreaths using willow, moss and top quality noble fir. Each wreath will embody one of three key Christmas trends highlighted by StaceyKath for 2016.


•Victorian heritage•


•Northern heights•


•Winter hedgerow•

Are you one of those unfortunates to have a door whose shop bought wreaths disappear in its expanse? Do not fret! Click below and start the ball rolling on an exclusively designed, made to measure, wreath.



Artistic organisation.


‘Silent scatter brain’ would be an understatement of a description of me. I have always come across quite a relaxed, laid back sort of person but there is a ridiculous amount of silent thinking, considerations and ideas constantly spinning frantically inside my head. Whenever it comes to actually communicating any of these thoughts  they just come out as jumbled and scatter as they are flying around my head. They make perfect sense to me but seem utter random, impossibly connected half sentences to anyone nearby.

I can be organised. I have the ability to be organised. Artistically, not at all. Organisation has no place within my artistic world. ‘Artistic organisation’ is tosh, not possible. I do not believe Art comes out of order. Yes, there is an Art in order, ‘Organisation Artistically’, yes. However artistic thinking is not ordered, it does not come from order. Artistic thinking is sporadic.

“Tidy house, Tidy mind”. How boring.

I don’t think I could bear life if my mind ever became tidy.

Project 1.

Here we are, 7 weeks…8 weeks…9…a number of weeks into the course with just over 2 weeks now until Project 1 comes to an end!
I have learnt so much in such a short period. It has not been smooth sailing to say the least. Then again it oh so rarely is with my cloudy mind of doubts and panics.
Today has been a good day. (It was also a pyjama day.)

Project 1 is a typical rectangular(ish) terrace house back garden. The client, who loves her roses and wildlife, felt the garden was too straight.



After the site visit and reading through the clients brief I put together a mood board.


The next stage, after creating a scale drawing of the garden, was to create a design. After throwing many shapes around the space and not making life easy for myself, I managed to come up with something I am really please with.



The next step is now the most crucial to get right of all. The planting scheme! Teaching hasn’t quite taken us that far yet but I’ve ideas bouncing around and I hope to whizz up a couple of watercolour designs in the next day or so.