Day 4-9:….yes Ok, I’m not very good at blogging.

So for a “young’un” I am pretty useless at blogging. It has been over a month since Malvern and now seems like a distant dream. The rest of the build went pretty smoothly and I can not thank all who helped enough.

The garden won an RHS Silver Medal which I was over the moon with and the icing on the cake is it also managed to raise over £880 for Marie Curie.



Day 3: get said friend to build the framework.

After hiring a long wheelbased transit van on day 2 we had managed to get all the wood and ply on site ready to create the framework of the garden. I had never driven anything as big as that van and had to endure many winces from my passenger, which was unnecessary as my driving caused not a single scratch I am proud and glad to report!


So with the materials and tools on hand the days job was simple; build the framework so I could then fill it in. Easy peasy…so I took the role of supervisor.




Day 2: Get a friend in who enjoys digging.

I designed the garden with very little hard landscaping within it so as to a) make the build as straight foreward and simple as possible, b) to keep costs to a minimum but most importantly c) because the concept did not require it.

My idea for this garden was that it feel like the sort of wild haven one might stumble across within a clearing in a valley of woods far away from the bussle of everyday life.

Due to this the hiring of a contract landscaper wasn’t necessary. However with such a limited number of days, due to my jobs, creating the garden single handedly was simply not going to happen. Fortunately, I found a handy helper in the shape of my friend Elv, of E.Robinson Carpentry who has been absolutely wonderful to work with and invaluable to the project.

Now, we had been warned that the ground at Malvern was completely solid so my plan had been to build up, essentially creating a large raised bed. Elv had other ideas and despite several warnings was adiment he wanted to dig down, so we went and bought the man a shovel…and then a pick axe.

Day numero uno: Stand around and look pretty.

Admittedly my handy helper will tell you I’ve done this a lot. I say its the designer peroagtive surely?!

Day 1 was the day of the dreaded “Breaking Grounds at RHS Malvern 2015” photoshoot malarky. Anyone who knows me will tell you that sort of thing is seriously not my cup of cider (I drink neither tea nor coffee). I’m gerenally a quiet ‘keeps to herself’ sort of gal… unless I’ve had too many ciders… But all this social media and PR stuff is part and parcel with building show gardens so I scrubbed up and put me best wellies on!


After this I set to drawing out my design where I hit my first hurdle. Hint: jumbo chunky chalks are no good for drawing out a design on ground but they are fun for scribbling on the planks of wood for the frame work!


Fellow designers and lovely landscape mentor to the rescue with the lending of fancy spray paint! Annnd Bob’s your Uncle, day 1 complete.

How to build a show garden in 9 DAYS!! AND win Silver!


“She’s mad!!” I hear you cry…and you could be right, but that’s neither here nor there.

The RHS Malvern build has kicked off brilliantly and we are now reaching the end of week 2 of construction. There have been highs and lows and ‘tearing your hair out moments’ just as my fabulous mentor Caroline Tatham said there would be. It has been an amazing experience though and I feel so honoured to be undertaking the build in support of Marie Curie Cancer Care because life is the most precious thing there ever was and you must grasp it and squeeze every last drop out of it.


“So what’s this building a show garden in 9 days business then if you’ve had 2 weeks already?”. Believe me, I wish I could be at the build every day but unfortunately I still have to pay my rent and neither of my part time jobs were about to allow me to take a month off…that’s just unheard of in retail!


Now admittedly I may be jumping the gun as I’ve still potentially 3-4 days of the build left and it could all go tits up but we won’t dwell on that… mainly because I’m too laid back to know how to! Anyway, join me as I run through my 9 day build and watch Let’s Get You Home in support of Marie Curie Cancer Care, designed by me, appear before your very eyes!


BIG NEWS! Get ready RHS Malvern Spring Festival’15!

MasterPlan PlantingPlan ReDesign Plants ReDesignPlants


So….does anyone know how to build a show garden, because I need to build one for the RHS in May?!

I am so excited as yesterday I found out my redesign for a Festival Garden for the RHS was approved!

My initial design, pictured in my previous post, didn’t make it but the judges loved my concept and gave me the option to resubmit a new design. Well I had nothing to lose and at least more feedback from the RHS yet again to gain.

However I was informed yesterday I had successfully addressed the judges issues with my original design, which I had completely agreed with. My original design was too literal to my concept, too bleak.

Within 2 weeks I managed to come up with a new design and rough planting plan I felt far more confident in and apparently the judges did too.