T H E – F O W N H O P E – L I F E – P L O T \ Fruit’s of thy labour….we hope!


The first month of the new season is here but it’s not too late to plant bare root fruit tree’s and bushes during the beginning of March. Here is what I’ll be growing for the first time this year:

Prunus domestica ‘Victoria’:

An old friend of mine owned an enchanting garden with the most gorgeous Victoria Plum tree and made scrumptious jam’s every year. I have been waiting for the opportunity to grow my own and this year I couldn’t resist. I picked up this bare root Victoria Plum for an absolute steal in my local Wilko store. I’ll be growing mine in a container for this first year.

‘Bare root’ simply means the plant has been removed, whilst in a dormant state, from where it had been growing. By buying in this form and planting in Feb-March you can be sure your plant will acclimatise to its new home quickly and just before the growing season really kicks in.

When buying any tree it is important to take note of it’s ‘rootstock’. Different rootstocks will allow you to determine how large or small your tree will grow and whether it will be suitable for the space you have in mind. You will find many fruit tree’s will be grafted onto another variety in order to guarantee a good strong plant that will last.  Here is a great link to Thompson & Morgans Fruit Rootstock Guide: http://www.thompson-morgan.com/fruit-rootstock-guide

Planting –

  1. To begin pop the root ball in some water to soak.
  2. Grab a good substantial container and pop some broken terracotta in the bottom to prevent the drainage hole becoming blocked.
  3. Part fill the container with good fresh multi purpose compost.
  4. With this being a bare root plant I’ve mixed in some fish, blood and bone along with growmore powder just to boost the soil nutrients aiding strong plant growth.
  5. Retrieve the plant and place centrally within the pot.
  6. Fill around the roots and the rest of the container with compost.
  7. Finally, position the planted container in its new home and give the container a good drenching of water.

Happy growing,