T H E – F O W N H O P E – L I F E – P L O T \ Chitting Seed Potatoes.


The last month of winter is drawing to a close and it is time to begin awakening from our gardening slumber. There may be frosts still lurking over the coming weeks but plenty of garden tasks to begin ready for the growing season. Here is a quick guide to chitting potatoes:


The reason for chitting seed potatoes is to get those spuds off to the best possible growing start and the process couldn’t be simpler.

[1] Grab yourself an empty tray or empty egg boxes,

[2] Stand your seed potatoes rose end up (this is the end with the most small eyes or dents visible),

[3] Place tray in a light, cool spot. A sunny windowsill works perfectly.

Easy. After a week or two those spuds will begin to sprout and from 6 weeks onward will be ready to plant outside.


Growing potatoes has to be one of the easiest and versatile veg any gardener can grow. Whether you’ve got acres and acres of land to only a tiny square of patio, balcony, roof space or front door step anyone of you can grow a spud or two and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a spud?

Potato salad?

Boiled New potatoes??







Sunday Roasties?????????

Either way, if you are planning on growing a couple of spuds this year now is the time to get yourself down your local GC for some seed potatoes. There is all manner of varieties out there you can grow, with some being good all rounders and some best for only roasting or maybe mashing, so do a little research beforehand.

This year, I shall be growing on the FLP:

First Early: Pentland Javelin

Second Early: Charlotte

Main Crop: Maris Piper



I’ve selected Pentland Javelin for our early crop this year due to it being a good all rounder suitable for boiling, mashing, baking and roasting which, once planted out, will be ready for harvest mid June. Next I picked the Charlottes as they are perfect for roasting or using as salad potatoes which will be ready just as the BBQ season kicks off. For the main crop we have Maris Pipers a superb boiler, masher, chip and roaster to see us through most of the autumn and hopefully winter.

Happy chitting,