C O N T A I N E R  G A R D E N I N G / It’s not black & white.


One of the most common questions I was faced with while working in garden centre retail was ‘Can this plant be grown in a container?’.

Hidcote Manor Garden

Hidcote Manor Gardens

The answer being yes, yes of course, any plant can be grown in a container. At the end of the day the plant in question will more than likely already be in a plastic pot, which is one of many forms of a container, looking healthy and lush, hence the success of the long established “garden centre”. However, obviously, growing in containers is not unfortunately that black and white. Containers take as much care and if not more of a gardeners time.

Consider the plant you wish to grow, research where the plant originates from and its eventual size as well as the time it will take to reach its adulthood and old age. This will determined the containers size as well as the containers material. If you wish to have mixed planting within that container it is vitally important to select plants that will grow happily together, in similar conditions and shall not bully each other for space.

Hidcote Manore Gardens

Hidcote Manor Gardens

Growing in a container is very much like growing within a border, all you are doing is restricting the plants root growth and hunt for water and nutrients below ground. So be aware, it will be your responsibility to maintain those water and nutrient levels over the months and coming years. If you restrict these factors too much it can be devastating for some however beneficial for others. Research is key and it all comes down to right plant, right place.

Stay tuned for further advice on container growing.