T H E – F O W N H O P E – L I F E – P L O T \ The 5 P’s & Your Seeds.


We’ve all made them and some of you may have already broken those new year resolutions…go on, admit it, I know I have! However one new year resolution of mine is to be better prepared and organised in my garden for the coming year and there is no better time to tackle this than January.

Our gardens, on the whole, still lay dormant and now is a perfect moment to set about preparing them for the spring months ahead. Don’t let those early bird signs of the first daffodil peeping out of the ground fool you into thinking spring has arrived early. We are far from clear of the winter frosts so keep yourself warm, brew up a cuppa and implement the 5 P’s.

Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance



If you are anything like me you will have amassed numerous packets of seeds over the past 12+ months. Dig them out and check their dates. Although seeds are designed to survive until conditions are right for them to grow, some will perish. I’m all for if you have any seeds that are out of date, give them a chance, plant them up, don’t just throw them away, unless they visibly look squishy, mouldy or rotten. If you are willing to chance their success they may just surprise you. On the flip side, if you are dependant on those seeds to grow, get yourself down your local garden centre where you can always find fresh seed stock which you shall be able to purchase with a mere pocket full of change.


Whilst you are out and about you may spot, around this time of year, a nice new diary or, better still, a garden journal. I am opting for the ever faithful RHS Diary (thank you Mum) along side of Charles Dowding’s ‘Veg Journal’ (thank you Matthew) to keep me on the straight and narrow garden path this year.


Set aside an afternoon to go through and leave yourself notes of when and what you want to be doing in and for your garden. Once you have sifted through those seed packets and decided which shall be grown, make yourself another cuppa and pop a reminder in your diary of when each will need sowing, planting out and even when they should be ready for harvest. Perfect preparation prevents poor performance and Spring is just over the horizon.

Happy planning,