Plant of the Month: September

Summer seems to be coming to a close as quickly as it arrived. With most of the summer time herbaceous revellers finishing their performances, many devious deciduous tree’s have begun dropping their leaves. The days are ever shortening, with the nights steadily getting cooler. Though you can still catch in the air the whiff of the odd last summer BBQ!

Now is the time to make any big changes in the borders. The plants have done their growing above ground and are now winding down for the winter. With the ground still warm, now is the perfect time to move or divide any perennials, shrubs or young trees that need relocating. This will give them time to settle into their new homes and help them establish new roots over the winter.

My plant of the month for September has to be:



No garden should ever be without a Fuchsia. They are amongst some of the easiest, most attractive and versatile variety of plants to grow in any garden. Ballerina blooms, of all shapes and colours, dance continually throughout Summer and well into Autumn. Be it in beds, borders or containers…even hanging baskets! A few varieties are even hardy enough to be used as hedging.

Fuchsias on the whole are classed as half hardy perennials/shrubs and will happily grow in partial shade or full sun, in moist free draining soil.

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