Plant of the Month: August

Summer gardens are just reaching their peaks and my plant of the month for August has to be one that truly reaches heights.

I have the fortune of working for a nursery who supplies plants nationwide and daily get to see oceans of beautiful plants all ready to be shipped off to garden centres and supermarkets.

My plant of the month for August is:


Delphinium highlander ‘Cha Cha’

These cottage favourites have sturdy flower spikes that rise high into the air adorned with graceful tightly shut flower heads poised, ready to explode, and explode they do, into the most gorgeous of frilly double lilac flowers with each petal featuring a faded white centre.

Delphiniums will grow happiest in full sun in free draining soil, growing to the height of approx. 70cm and are perfect in beds, borders or even containers. Their sturdy flower stems also make them fabulous show stopping cut flowers bringing height and elegance to any floral arrangement. If these beauty didn’t sound good enough, then the winning fact has to be they are perennials and so will die down and disappear during the winter only to reemerge to put on a show for many years to come.

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