Plant of the Month: July

To begin I must type my apologies to those who may have been awaiting Junes thrilling instalment of ‘plant of the month’. Alas we were moving house, away from the bustling heart of Hereford City out into the tranquil surroundings of the quaint country village of Fownhope. ‘Tranquil’ being the operative word as there is zero mobile reception and it took nearly two week for broadband to be set up. Not that I am  grumbling at all, quite the opposite, it is wonderful driving home through countryside to arrive home and truly relax in peace. So we have skipped June and arrived here in July.

Summer is probably as here as here can be for the UK and garden centres are overflowing with goodies.

My plant of the month for July has to be:



Or more commonly known as the Coleus plant, a tender perennial, though generally grown as an annual.

These stunners come in a glorious array of bright summer colours and will bring joy to any corner of the garden lacking this summer. Lime greens, crimson blood reds and shocking pinks bounce off each other as these leafy beauts shiver in the light summer breeze. These show offs do not stop there as over those sunny days they will shoot out tall spikes of dainty purple flowers.

Readily available in any garden centre for the minutest of sums, Coleus adore partial shade and thrive in moist but free draining soil, making them ideal for containers as well as borders.

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