Plant of the Month: April

Spring has most definitely arrived. The days are longer, steadily getting warmer and you can already catch in the air the whiff of the odd early bird BBQ!

Garden centres are stocking up as the ground becomes warm enough to get out and start planting.

My plant of the month for April has to be:


Dicentra spectabilis ‘Valentine’

Or Lamprocapnos spectabilis ‘Valentine’ (depending on how up to speed you are with Botanical nomenclature!). These gorgeous good old fashion bleeding hearts are just awakening in my garden. Pushing out their delicate, lacy deep plum coloured foliage through the surface of the soil and already blooming with beautifully rich burgundy heart shaped flowers. These beauts are here to put on a show and soon will bare great arches of blooming stems with mature oxide of chromium green ferny foliage.

Dicentra will happily live in partial shade and thrive in moist, hummus rich soil so if planting now be sure the mix plenty of leaf mould in with the soil and then mulch in the autumn. These guys will bring elegant, intricate grandeur to any shady corner or section of a garden be it in a container or a mixed border.

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