So here we are…

April 2016 and Spring is steadily trotting along, soon to be in full gallop. I’m not a betting person to be honest but with it being the Grand National this weekend I’d thought I’d give it a nod and slip in a gardening pun to start!

Hard to believe that this time last year I was counting down the hours until the RHS Malvern Spring Festival Show Garden Build was to begin. Instead this year, with my press day ticket at the ready, I shall be a mere spectator. I cannot wait to see what the show will offer and I am wishing all the Show Garden Designers this year the greatest of luck! The only advice to those first time designers I can give is to enjoy it, every single moment and take it all in your stride. Everything will come together. Admittedly any of my fellow 2015 designers will tell you that is exactly what I did, with sneaking off for pub lunches on every one of the nine days I managed to make it onsite for the build, and believe you me, I couldn’t tell you how I got away with it either.

Following the show and my RHS Silver Medal win came my graduation day from my Professional Garden Design Diploma from The Cotswold Gardening School. This day remains the proudest moment of my life. I took the risk and I never looked back. Never have I worked so hard to achieve something and enjoyed doing so. I can’t thank them all and Caroline, my mentor, enough for the support and encouragement they gave, still give and for the confidence that has instilled in me.AA0U0753-Edit

So here we are, 9 months after graduating, and I’ve completed a further horticultural program and now work as a full time assistant designer for a successful nursery, creating planted containers for the retail market. Not only that my boyfriend and I have moved in together recently as well so now as the dust of all the excitement begins to settle I can find some time to build up momentum with my own business and look to finish my own garden finally too.

However this weekend our garden shall have to wait for tomorrow we are off to the capital to visit the Royal Academy exhibition Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse.

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