Out in my town garden.

It may not be mine, but mine I have made it…Much to my landlords distress, I am sure, but he stands strong with his faith in me.



Currently my boyfriend and I reside in the heart of Hereford City and are fortunate to have a reasonable sized town garden including front lawn. Shortly after beginning my design diploma, as one can imagine, I was eager to get out and transform my own green space. With the “knock your socks off” go ahead from my landlord, I set to digging up the back lawn which had suffered some neglect and dog trauma.



Now I must confess, it may have now been over a year and things may have slightly intervened progress a little…as is life.

Now the days are warming and the garden begins to wake, I thought it best to get cracking and called in reinforcements in the form of my Mum. We began work on the border that stretches down the side of the house which was completely solid with clay and where even the toughest of the plant world had failed to survive.


Most clay soils you can break up and improve drainage with some shovels of good multi-purpose compost with a dash of gravel mixed in. Unfortunately here this just wasn’t feasible as the clay was coming out in breeze block sized clumps. I had decided before hand to simply remove the majority of the clay and top up the border with a couple of bags of good old multi-purpose.

Thanks to previously working in a garden centre and creating a show garden last year I’ve managed to accumulate quite a few plants. This border barely gets 3 hours of sun per day so it was key to use shade tolerant plants here such as Anemones, Heucheras, Hydrangeas, Euonymus, Fuschia and Digitalis to name a few. Now, in successful border design LESS is always MORE…however a garden is your own and I’ve completely ignored that rule and included some Leucanthemums, Cyclamem, Carex testacea ‘Prairie fire’, Wild Strawberries, Aquilegias, Papaver, a miniature Rose, random Hellebore and Curly Leaf Parsley. Well, I’m still learning, let’s see what happens!


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