Day numero uno: Stand around and look pretty.

Admittedly my handy helper will tell you I’ve done this a lot. I say its the designer peroagtive surely?!

Day 1 was the day of the dreaded “Breaking Grounds at RHS Malvern 2015” photoshoot malarky. Anyone who knows me will tell you that sort of thing is seriously not my cup of cider (I drink neither tea nor coffee). I’m gerenally a quiet ‘keeps to herself’ sort of gal… unless I’ve had too many ciders… But all this social media and PR stuff is part and parcel with building show gardens so I scrubbed up and put me best wellies on!


After this I set to drawing out my design where I hit my first hurdle. Hint: jumbo chunky chalks are no good for drawing out a design on ground but they are fun for scribbling on the planks of wood for the frame work!


Fellow designers and lovely landscape mentor to the rescue with the lending of fancy spray paint! Annnd Bob’s your Uncle, day 1 complete.

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