Day 2: Get a friend in who enjoys digging.

I designed the garden with very little hard landscaping within it so as to a) make the build as straight foreward and simple as possible, b) to keep costs to a minimum but most importantly c) because the concept did not require it.

My idea for this garden was that it feel like the sort of wild haven one might stumble across within a clearing in a valley of woods far away from the bussle of everyday life.

Due to this the hiring of a contract landscaper wasn’t necessary. However with such a limited number of days, due to my jobs, creating the garden single handedly was simply not going to happen. Fortunately, I found a handy helper in the shape of my friend Elv, of E.Robinson Carpentry who has been absolutely wonderful to work with and invaluable to the project.

Now, we had been warned that the ground at Malvern was completely solid so my plan had been to build up, essentially creating a large raised bed. Elv had other ideas and despite several warnings was adiment he wanted to dig down, so we went and bought the man a shovel…and then a pick axe.

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