Today at work…

Thinking this is going to become a “regular feature”.

The garden centre I work for is apart of The Garden Centre Group (soon to be rebranded as Wyevale) and as an employee I have access to a fantastic E-learning resource to build up my horticultural knowledge. Quite honestly it is the main reason I gave up my previous salaried position for such a low part time wage. I had decided I wanted to become a garden designer however after the experiences I went through during my Fine Art BA(Hons) degree (it was a pretty awful 3 years to put it simply), returning to University was out of the question.

None of this is really the point. The point was I feel I have one of the most perfect jobs to go hand in hand with my studies. My plant knowledge has increased dramatically in the few months I have worked for the company, although I am oh so very far from even daring to call myself an expert. I had to apologise and admit to a customer the other day that I hadn’t a clue what she was asking for and she very kindly explained (I now know what a standard is!). Tangent.

Anyway today at work I created a smallish display to liven up an empty but frequently passed spot, by customers, at work. Which leads me to the point I have been trying to word that it is wonderfully useful being surrounded by a great selection of plants that I can move, arrange and rearrange in displays. For example the first two plants I picked up were a Cornus alba ‘Elegantissima’ and a gorgeous 3ft Cryptomeria japonica ‘Elegans’ but as I played with my display I just couldn’t get the Cornus alba to work with the various other plants I later selected.

Ofcourse growing heights and conditions bare little consequence in my displays currently, as I lack that knowledge, which I need to address so I can successfully translate all these various colour and texture plant combinations I create at work into my garden design.


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